Southwestern College Police

Southwestern Community College District Police  

It is the policy of the Southwestern Community College District Governing Board to protect the college community and to protect the property of the District. This responsibility is entrusted to the College Police Department, which ensures that reasonable protection is provided by using methods that fit within and contribute to the educational philosophy of the institution.

The College Police Department is staffed with personnel to provide law enforcement and public safety services from the hours of 5am though 12:00am, Monday through Saturday except for holidays and designated academic breaks. Dispatchers are available to answer your calls. In response to a call, College Police will take the required action, either dispatching an officer or asking the victim to report to the College Police Building (Building 22) to file an incident report.

When to Contact College Police

  • You see a crime being committed.
  • You are a victim of a crime.
  • You see suspicious persons or activities.
  • You want to report unsafe conditions on college property.
  • You want an escort to your vehicle.
  • You feel unsafe for any reason.
  • You need police assistance for any reason

College Police Officers are sworn peace officers in compliance with the California Education Code 72330 and the California Penal code 830.32(a). They receive the same training as all peace officers in the county and state and have the same enforcement authority on or about the campus, which is to enforce Federal and state laws as well as institutional policies. College Police Officers have jurisdiction to operate on Southwestern Community College District owned or controlled property, adjacent properties and public streets, and ultimately throughout the State of California in cooperation with other government agencies and mutual aid situations. College Police Officers have the authority to make arrests on and around the campuses of the Southwestern Community College District and throughout the State of California.

All reported crimes will be investigated and may become a matter of public record.  All student conduct-related incident reports are forwarded to Student Services for review and action. If assistance is required from the local Police agencies or the local Fire Department, College Police will contact the appropriate unit. If a sexual assault or rape should occur, College Police officers will offer the victim a wide variety of services.

The College Police Department maintains a strong working relationship with state and local police agencies. They primarily interact and collaborate with the Chula Vista Police Department, the National City Police Department, the San Diego Police Department, and the California State Parks Department.

Southwestern Community College District has recognized student organizations and activities that occur on non-campus locations in the surrounding communities served by their own law enforcement agencies. If local enforcement at any of these locations responds to incidents or reports of crime, that agency will typically notify the College Police to respond with them or they will notify the College Police after having responded to provide information about the situation. However, local law enforcement agencies do this out of courtesy and are not “required” to notify or involve College Police they respond to a call involving private property. Southwestern College does not have officially recognized student organizations that own or control housing facilities.

The College Police Department can be contacted via phone, MYPD phone application or in person during operating hours:

Phone Contact

Emergencies: College Police Emergency (619) 216-6691 or Extension 6691 from a Campus Phone or emergency phones in classrooms dial directly to College Police when the receiver is picked up or dial *91 from a Campus Pay Phone or utilize Emergency Blue Pole intercoms with College Police from various campus locations and parking lots.

Non-Emergencies: College Police Dispatch (619) 482-6380 or College Police TTY (619) 216-6628.

MYPD Phone Application: This downloaded phone application provides easy and quick communication with the Police Department. Users can submit questions and provide crime tips. However, emergency situations should be reported via phone.

In Person Contact: In person contact can be made by going to the College Police Building (Building 22) located in Lot C of the Chula Vista Main Campus during business hours.