Workability III

WorkAbility III (WAIII) is a collaborative program between the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) and Southwestern College (SWC). The program provides comprehensive career counseling services for students with disabilities and assists them with acquiring the necessary tools to obtain successful employment. Our goal is to teach students the skills that will assist them to develop meaningful careers throughout their lives.

  • vocational counseling;
  • career exploration;
  • vocational training support;
  • work experience/internships;
  • job search resources;
  • job seeking skills training;
  • employer education and transition services;
  • worksite monitoring; and
  • on-the-job accommodations.

Interested students can obtain more information about the program and how to get connected by contacting the WorkAbility III Program Office located in the Cesar E. Chavez Student Services Building, by telephone (619) 216-6714 or VP (619) 207-4480 or email