Student Support Programs

Steps to Success

Student Support Programs are coordinated by the Dean of Counseling and Student Support Programs. The Student Support Programs matriculation process starts with services you will receive before you attend your first class and will continue throughout your educational experience. The process is your steps to success to ensure that you get  started and stay on the right track. The support you receive will include orientation, course placement, counseling, educational planning services, and other academic interventions. This will provide you with a foundation for student achievement and successful completion of your educational goals and is intended for students who enroll to earn degrees, career technical certificates, transfer preparation, or career advancement.

The purpose of the Steps to Success is to ensure that all students promptly define their educational and career goals, successfully complete their courses, persist to the next academic term, and achieve their educational objectives in a timely manner. The goal is that students positively benefit from comprehensive and integrated delivery of services to increase retention and to provide students with a foundation of success.

Southwestern College agrees to:

  • Evaluate your English, math, and reading skills.
  • Help you register for appropriate classes.
  • Provide you with an orientation, information on services available, and possible majors and/or careers.
  • Provide access to counselors and instruction.
  • Help you to develop a comprehensive Student Educational Plan (SEP).
  • Monitor your progress and provide follow-up services.

You agree to:

  • Decide upon your major and goal or select a course of study.
  • Complete Placement and Orientation.
  • Work with a Counselor to develop a comprehensive Student Educational Plan by the end of your first semester.
  • Attend and complete courses to make the best use of the time you spend at Southwestern College.

All non-exempt students are required to complete core services that include placement, orientation, counseling and advisement, and development of a comprehensive Student Educational Plan. Completing these important first steps will also improve your Enrollment Priority date for registration.

New, returning, or transfer students who may be exempt from the SSSP process are students who:

  • Already have an associate or bachelor’s degree.
  • Are attending Southwestern for personal enrichment.
  • Are enrolled only in noncredit community education courses.
  • Are taking classes only to upgrade job skills.
  • Are enrolled in apprenticeship or other special vocational education programs.
  • Are concurrently enrolled in another college or university.

Exempt students are not required to participate in the Student Support Programs matriculation process, but are encouraged to see a counselor at any time.