Southwestern College CalWORKs Program 
(California Work Opportunities and Responsibility to Kids)

The CalWORKs program provides low-income parenting-students the support and services needed to successfully pursue and obtain a college degree and beyond. Our knowledgeable, compassionate, and dedicated counseling staff provide personalized academic, career, and personal counseling to support YOU in your educational journey.

Eligibility for CalWORKs:

  • Participants must be receiving CalWORKs cash aid and have an active CalWORKs case for their child(ren) and themselves.

How to apply to the SWC CalWORKs Program:

  • Contact the SWC CalWORKs office and the staff can verify your case eligibility. 
  • Obtain a referral from your assigned County case worker (ETA/ECM). The SWC CalWORKs staff will reach out to you once the referral is received to schedule an orientation. 

SWC CalWORKs Benefits & Services: 

  • Enrollment Priority- Level 1
  • Academic/Career/Personal Counseling
  • Work-Study, Internships & Job Placement Services
  • On-campus childcare 
  • Educational Supplies (when funding permits)
  • Informative workshops/webinars to help meet Welfare-To-Work (WTW) Program requirements 
  • Assistance in obtaining County supportive services through case workers (ETA/ECM) such as funds for textbooks, transportation, and childcare. 

For further information, contact the CalWORKs Program, located in the Cesar Chavez Building (2nd floor), by phone (619)482-6510, or by email