Community, Economic and Urban Development

School of Business and Technology

Dean: Mink Stavenga, DBA

Department Chair: Elisabeth Shapiro, Esq., J.D., M.A.L.D

Office: 35-119, (619) 482-6582

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General Description

In recent years, governmental entities and community planning groups have undertaken urban revitalization by focusing on initiatives that develop the local economy, create jobs, and maximize the use of local resources including the development of real property, transportation, water and other natural resources. Southwestern College has developed the Community, Economic, and Urban Development Program to provide students with the skills and knowledge required to be successful in this and related career fields. The program discusses the concepts of city planning, architectural design, land use, innovation, creativity, leadership, real estate, transportation, economics principles, and workforce development.

A work experience component offers volunteer or paid internship opportunities on local civic boards, commissions, councils, committees, private businesses, government agencies, or non-profit organizations located throughout San Diego County focusing on the south county region. Students gain practical skills and can work toward employment in the field or transfer to a four-year college or university that has related programs in the area of urban planning.

Career Options

Urban planner has been considered one of the “best careers” in surveys conducted by various organizations. The following list is a sample of the career options available for individuals who complete studies in the Community, Economic, and Urban Development major. Some of these options require an advanced certificate or an associate degree; some require a bachelor’s or master’s degree: urban/city planner or designer, transportation planner, environmental technician, research analyst, title examiner, construction manager, operations manager, architect, real estate and land use designer, property and community association manger, economic developer, housing specialist, parks and recreation planner, surveying and mapping technician, workforce developer, community activist, charitable and social service organization worker/manager, and entrepreneur involved in urban planning and design.

Degree/Certificate Options Major Code
Associate in Arts Degree: Transfer Preparation
Urban Studies A1980
Associate in Science Degree: Career/Technical
Community, Economic and Urban Development 01061
Certificates of Achievement
Community, Economic and Urban Development-Basic 01062
Community, Economic and Urban Development-Intermediate 01063

Consult with a counselor to develop a Student Education Plan (SEP), which lists the courses necessary to achieve your academic goal.


Elisabeth Shapiro, Esq. J.D., M.A.L.D.