Drone Technology and Applications

School of Mathematics, Science, and Engineering

Dean: Silvia Nadalet, Ed.D.

Department Chair: Grant Miller, M.S.

Office: 60-125, (619) 482-6344

School/Department Location: www.swccd.edu/cvlocation

General Description

Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (drones) have revolutionized the way spatial data is collected and payloads are delivered. Drones are being used in a number of fields, including surveying/ mapping, environmental biology, construction, photography, videography, fire science, disaster response (including search and rescue), precision agriculture, law enforcement and public safety, real estate, marketing, defense and security, remote sensing, geology, landscape technology and management,  and other disciplines. SWC’s Certificate programs offer pathways for students from a variety of disciplines to be trained in drone technology and applications.

Career Options

The Drone Technology and Applications Certificate program will prepare students to become remote pilots or entrepreneurs in fields that currently deploy small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS). These fields include (but are not limited to) environmental science and management, real estate, journalism, precision agriculture, disaster response and management, fire science, maintenance and operations, law enforcement and public safety, photography and videography, mapping and surveying, remote sensing, and cultural resource management. This program will provide students with skills in sUAS operations, prepare students to pass the FAA Part 107 license exam, and provide the fundamental skills necessary to join the sUAS industry or to plan, create, and develop an sUAS based business. 

Degree/Certificate Options Major Code
Career/Technical: Certificate of Achievement
Drone Technology and Applications 01671
Career/Technical: Certificate of Proficiency
Drone Technology and Applications 01672

Ken Yanow, M.A.