Logistics and Transportation

School of Business and Technology

Dean: Mink Stavenga, DBA

Department Chair: Elisabeth Shapiro, Esq., J.D., M.A.L.D

Office: 35-119, (619) 482-6582

School/Department Location: http://www.swccd.edu/cvlocation

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/C4E3PnKsdU92

General Description

Students who wish to transfer, may take Logistics and Transportation to continue studies in logistics, supply chain management, and related fields. In addition to the transfer courses listed, elective courses which introduce students to the field may also be selected. These include studies in logistics, transportation, export/import trade, planning operations and management, legal issues, inventory, and warehousing.

The certificate/A.S. degree program in Logistics and Transportation prepares students to work in industries affected by the distribution of goods, such as global, international, and cross border trade. The program provides students with a foundation of knowledge to enter the field of logistics and transportation and addresses the changing industry needs as a result of globalization. The program focuses on logistics, transportation, and trade issues along the San Diego-Tijuana border region; however, the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the curriculum will prepare students for positions related to the field in a variety of organizations which are involved with the logistics industry at a local, national, and international/global level. A work experience component allows students to gain practical skills and to work toward employment. Students are introduced to the concepts of supply chain management, transporting goods, planning operations, inventory, and warehousing.

Career Options

The following list is a sample of the career options available for individuals who focus on logistics and transportation. Most of these career options require a certificate or an associate degree; some require a bachelor’s degree: cargo and freight agent/forwarder, global transportation agent, industrial engineer, international logistics manager, logistician, operations research analyst, production, planning and expediting clerk, supply chain executive/supply chain and logistics manager, transportation, storage, and distribution manager, and warehousing and materials handler.

Degree/Certificate Options Major Code
Associate in Arts Degree: Transfer Preparation
International Logistics and Transportation 01710
Logistics and Transportation 01142
Associate in Science Degree: Career/Technical
International Logistics and Transportation A1141
Certificates of Achievement
International Logistics and Transportation---Basic A1143
International Logistics and Transportation-Intermediate A1144

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