Patient Care Coordinator

Certificate of Achievement
Career/Technical (Major Code: 02319

Provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to work as Patient Care Coordinators (PCC) in a variety of healthcare and ambulatory care settings. Develops strategies to assess, plan, and advocate for a patients’ healthcare needs, to monitor and coordinate patients’ treatment plans, guide them to understanding their health status, and following up with patients on their progress. Emphasizes developing compassionate, knowledgeable healthcare professionals with a collaborative and equity minded approach for the workforce. Consists of a two part series preparing students to work as Patient Care Coordinators.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Student will apply appropriate communication skills across settings, purposes, and audiences in patient care coordinator work environment.
  • Student will demonstrate understanding of the role of care coordination in helping patients with mental illness and do a basic risk assessment.
  • Student will define care coordination and describe the roles of care coordinators in relation to the health care team and patients.
  • Student will use resource directories to find community, local and national resources.
Program Requirements
Total Units12