Planning your Education and Exploring Career Pathways

The Counseling Center

After you have applied for admission to the college, stop by the Counseling Center, at all locations, to schedule an individual appointment with a college counselor. The Counseling Center schedules appointments on a daily basis. Counselor assistance is also available for students through guided orientation sessions, walk-in counseling services, and online counseling.

Counseling Appointments

During your individual appointment, counselors will assist you in developing a Student Educational Plan, exploring career options, and discussing personal issues and challenges you may encounter. All students are recommended to meet with counselors at least once per academic year to keep informed of program and general education changes, and to ensure timely completion of goals. Be sure to come to your appointment well-prepared:

  • Have a list of questions ready for your counselor
  • Arrive on time for your appointment
  • Be prepared to take notes during your appointment.

This is a very important step in planning your future college and career success.

Additional Student Services are located at most Center locations and at the Cesar E. Chavez Student Services Building (Bldg. 68) at the Chula Vista campus.

Choosing a Major or Course of Study

Many students enter college feeling doubts about choosing a career pathway. Most students will select a major based on fields they may have been exposed to; i.e. teaching professions, nursing and health fields, etc. These are great fields and many, many more exist.

Visit the Career Center to learn more about your options. The Career & Transfer Connections will provide you with exercises, workshops and individualized counseling appointments online and in-person to help you determine your fields of study and career pathways. You can meet with a Career Counselor to discuss options and develop a plan for success. 

Visit the SWC Career & Transfer Connections online at the college website,