Associated Student Organization

The Associated Student Organization (ASO) represents all students at Southwestern College and sponsors activities including cultural performances, awards, student clubs, social activities, and student leadership conferences.

The ASO is the recognized student governing body of the College. The students elect representatives to both the executive and legislative branches every spring semester. The Student Trustee is also elected by the student body and serves as an ex-officio member of the ASO Executive board. (Ed Code Sections 76060-76065, Title 5 Sections 54801 and 54803; BP & AP - 5400 Associated Student Organization; BP & AP - 5410 ASO Elections, and BP & AP 5420- ASO Finance).

The executive branch has eight executive officers:

  • President;
  • Executive Vice President (who serves as senate chairperson);
  • Social Vice President;
  • Vice President for Club Affairs;
  • Vice President for Public Relations;
  • Executive Secretary; 
  • Vice President for Outreach;
  • Vice President for Finance;
  • Vice President for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The ASO Senate is the legislative branch and is composed of At-large, School and Center senators.