Industry Recognized Certification or Licensure

Students who wish to receive credit for a course based on an industry-recognized credential, certification, or licensure must first submit the SWC Student Petition for Credit for Prior Learning. Students may earn course credit by using an industry-recognized credential(s) as recommended by the appropriate department chair or faculty designee and approved by the SWC Curriculum Committee.

In cases where the industry-recognized credential(s) has not yet been evaluated and approved by the appropriate faculty, the student may meet with the Credit for Prior Learning faculty lead, the department chair, or a faculty designee to discuss a review.  If the department chair or faculty designee determine the industry certification adequately measures mastery of the course content as set forth in the course outline of record, the appropriate faculty will request approval by the SWC Curriculum Committee. Upon approved, the faculty will sign the petition with the recorded grade, attach the industry recognized credential(s), and forward the completed petition and supporting documents to the Admissions and Records Office to be kept on file and recorded on the student transcript.

Review the Credit for Prior Learning Courses page in the catalog and the SWC Credit for Prior Learning website for a list of courses approved for credit for prior learning assessment.

(Title 5 Section 55002, 55021, 55023 55025, 55050, 55051, 55052, AP 4235 - Credit for Prior Learning)