Credit by Examination

Students who wish to receive credit for a course based on credit by examination must first submit the SWC Student Petition for Credit for Prior Learning then work with discipline faculty to complete all examination requirements. Courses must be approved by the SWC Curriculum Committee for students to earn credit by examination. Examinations are conducted and assessed by discipline faculty with support from the school to ensure that the procedures for the administration of this examination/ assessment are followed.

A student may earn credit for a course that is approved for Credit by Examination. A student may not earn credit for:

  • Course(s) in which the student has previously enrolled and received credit
  • Advanced Placement course(s) for which credit has been received.

Students shall be limited to challenging two (2) courses per semester or one (1) course during the summer. The limitation of two (2) courses per semester does not apply to Credit by Examination through high school articulation. The maximum number of units that can be completed using credit by examination is 15 units.

Grading for Credit by Examination shall be according to the regular grading system approved by the Governing Board pursuant to section 55023 except that students shall be offered a “pass/no pass” option if that option is ordinarily available for the course. (i.e. A, B, C, D, F, P, NP). If a previous substandard grade was received, pass/no pass will not be an option. The grade received on the examination will replace the last grade received.

Students must be currently registered in at least one (1) other credit course in the College District and be in good academic standing (minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA) to be eligible to petition for Credit by Examination.

Review the Credit for Prior Learning Courses page in the catalog and the SWC Credit for Prior Learning website for a list of courses approved for credit for prior learning assessment.

(Title 5 Section 55002, 55021, 55023 55025, 55050, 55051, 55052, AP 4235 - Credit for Prior Learning)