Administrators, Directors, and Supervisors

Cecilia Almaraz
Supervisor, Office Support Services
A.S. Southwestern College

Aurora Ayala
Maintenance Supervisor
B.A. National University

Zeidy Barrera
Operations Supervisor, Counseling Center

Patricia Bartow
Director, Child Development Center
B.A., M.Ed., National University

Trinda Best
Vice President of Human Resources
B.S. University of La Verne
M.P.A. University of La Verne

Daniel Borges
Chief Information Systems Officer
B.S. San Jose State University
M.S. Capella University

Michael Cash
Chief of Police
B.S. National University

Marvin Castillo
Director, Human Resources
B.S. University of San Diego
M.A. San Diego State University

Victor Castillo
Director, Center for International Trade Development
B.S. Autonomous University of Baja California
M.A. University of California, Los Angeles

Silvia Cornejo
Dean, Higher Education Center at Otay Mesa & San Ysidro
B.A. M.A. University of San Diego

Guadalupe Corona
Director, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
B.A. San Diego State University
M.A., Ed.D. University of San Diego

Christine Degano
Center Supervisor-Evening, Higher Education Center, Otay Mesa
B.S., M.A. California State University, San Bernardino

Leticia Diaz
Supervisor, EOPS
B.A. University of California, Los Angeles
M.A. University of Michigan

Brian Ebalo
Supervisor, Instructional Support Services
B.S. San Diego State University
M.A. National University

Zaneta Encarnacion
Executive Director, Foundation
B.S. University of Phoenix
M.A. National University

Rachel Fischer
Director, San Diego Contracting Opportunities Center
B.A. Ohio University
B.A. Youngstown State University
M.Ed. Seattle University

Daniel Fitzgerald
Associate Director, San Diego & Imperial Small Business Development Center
B.A., University of Utah
M.A., San Diego State University

Malia Flood
Dean, Student Services
B.A. San Diego State University
M.S., Ph.D. Syracuse University

Timothy Flood
Vice President for Business & Financial Affairs
A.A. Grossmont College
B.S. M.A. National University

Patricia Flores-Charter
Director, Disability Support Services
B.A. College of the Pacific
M.Ed. California State University, Los Angeles

Mary Ganio
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent/ President

Martha Garcia
Project Director - Title V, Puertas al Futuro Grant
B.A. University of California, San Diego
M.A. University of San Diego

Everett Garnick
Supervisor, Systems and Programming
B.S., M.B.A. Grand Canyon University

Linda Gilstrap
Dean, Office of Institutional Effectiveness
B.A. United States International University
M.A. University of San Diego

Carla Holland
Director, San Diego Small Business Development Center
B.S. Cleveland State University
M.S. University of Phoenix

Marquise Jackson
Regional Associate Director, San Diego and Imperial Small Business Development Center Network
M.S. California State University, San Bernardino

Priya Jerome
Director, Procurement, Central Services and Risk Management
B.A. St. Joseph's College, Bangalore, India
M.B.A. Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia

Renee Kilmer
Interim, Vice President of Academic Affairs
B.A. San Francisco State Univeristy
M.A. California State University, Sacramento
Ph.D. University of California, Riverside

Jonathan King
Dean, School of Counseling and Student Support Programs
B.A. Morehouse College
M.A. International University of Japan
M.Ed. Harvard University
Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin

William Kinney
Acting Dean, School of Arts and Communication
B.A. San Diego State University
M.A. Azusa Pacific University

Patricia Larkin
Director, Financial Aid, Evaluations and Veteran Services
A.A. Southwestern College

Lillian Leopold
Chief Public Information and Government Relations Officer
B.A. Marquette University

Joel Levine
Dean, School of Language, Literature and Humanities
B.A. Manhattan School of Music
M.Ed. Ed.D. Columbia University

Mia McClellan
Dean, Instructional Support Services
A.A. Mira Costa College
B.A. San Diego State University
M.Ed. University of San Diego

Patrice Milkovich
Director, Crown Cove Aquatic Center
B.S., M.S. Slipper Rock University of Pennsylvania

Mourad Mjahed
Director of Mathematics, Engineering and Science Achievement (MESA) Program

Nicholas Montez
Director, Admissions and Records
B.A. San Diego State University
M.Ed. University of San Diego

Kindred Murillo

Cynthia Nagura
Director, HEC San Ysidro
B.A. University of Redland
M.A. School of International Training

Heidi Newhouse
Center Operations Supervisor, Higher Education Center San Ysidro
A.A. Foothill College
B.S. University of Phoenix

Paul Norris
Supervisor, Computer Operations
A.S., A.S. Southwestern College

Yolanda Ochoa
Cashier Supervisor
A.A. Southwestern College

Michael Odu
Dean, School of Mathematics, Science and Engineering
B.S., M.S. University of Central Florida
Ph.D. Florida Institute of Technology

Omar Orihuela
Director, EOPS
A.A. Southwestern College
B.S. Azusa Pacific University
M.A. Point Loma Nazarene University

Christine Perri
Dean, Higher Education Center at National City and Crown Cove Aquatic Center
A.A.S. City University of New York
B.S. M.A. New York University

Daniel Perusich
Director, Continuing Education and Special Projects
B.A. Carthage College
M.A. University of Illinois, Springfield

Fernando Poveda
Center Supervisor
B.A. University of California, Irvine
M.Ed. Azusa Pacific University

Devin Price
Program Director, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Paramedic & Fire Science
M.S. University of San Diego

Deanna Reinacher
Director, Medical Laboratory Technician and Medical Office Procedures Program
B.S., Northern Illinois University
M.Ed. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Nelson Riley
Supervisor, Student Employment Services
A.S. University of New York, Regents College
B.S. Southern Illinois University

Brett Robertson
Director, Student Development
B.S. University of California, Davis
M.S. California State University, Long Beach

Robert Sanchez
Campus Police Sergeant II
B.A. San Diego State University

Gerrit Slooten
Supervisor, Custodial
A.A. Southwestern College

James Spillers
Dean, School of Health, Exercise Science, Athletics
B.A. San Diego State University
M.S. Azusa Pacific University

Mink Stavenga
Dean, Business and Technology
BSc, University of Kent at Canterbury, England
M.B.A., DBA United States International University, San Diego

Angelica Suarez
Vice President for Student Affairs
A.A. East Los Angeles College
B.S. M.S. California State University, Long Beach
Ph.D. Loyola University Chicago

Janet Taylor
Director, Payroll Services

Patricia Torres
Supervisor, Library Support Services
B.A. University of California, San Diego
M.L.S. Texas Woman's University

Jackie Watts
Supervisor, Food Services

Suzanne Woods
Supervisor, Admissions and Records Supervisor
A.A. Palo Verde College
B.S. Capella University

Wayne Yanda
Director, Finance
B.S. University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
M.B.A. National University

Charlotte Zolezzi
Director, Facilities, Operations and Planning
B.P.A., M.P.A. University of San Francisco