School of Language, Literature, and Humanities

Dean: Joel M. Levine, Ed.D.

Department Chair: Peter Bolland, M.A.

Office: 430F, (619) 482-6349

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General Description

Philosophy, humanity’s oldest intellectual discipline, explores fundamental questions about the nature of thought and existence from various perspectives. This discipline explores the scope and limits of human knowledge, the ultimate constituents of reality, the sources of value and obligation, and the nature of logic and correct reasoning. Through philosophy, one may think about and develop perspectives on topics as diverse as science, language, logic, truth, ethics, politics, and law.

Career Options

Below is a sample of the career options available for the philosophy major. A few of these require an associate degree, some require a bachelor’s degree, and most require a graduate-level degree: lawyer, government administrator or personnel, labor relations specialist, minister, publisher, literary critic, research assistant, educational researcher, ethics specialist, high school or college instructor, writer, business manager, journalist, and educational broadcaster.

Degree/Certificate Options Major Code
Associate in Arts Degree: Transfer Preparation
Philosophy 01830
Philosophy (SB1440) 01835

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Peter Bolland, M.A.

Luke Cuddy, M.A.

Alejandro Orozco, M.A.