Guiding Principles

Southwestern College is chartered by the State of California to provide lower-division educational programs that prepare students for transfer to senior institutions, career and technical programs leading to direct entry into the workforce or career advancement. It is also chartered to provide basic skills that prepare students for college-level educational pursuits and to contribute to the economic development of our region. Within that context, the Governing Board adopted the Southwestern College Mission Statement.

Selecting a program of study is one of the most important decisions a student will make. The following pages present a complete listing of programs, degree requirements, and courses, as well as information about the many services the College District provides to assist students in reaching their educational goals.

Southwestern College offers many transfer and vocational/career programs in a variety of departments which are needed to prepare a student for transfer to a college or university or employment in business and industry. In addition to the major educational programs taught at the Chula Vista campus, the College District also offers courses at Higher Education Centers throughout the South County area and the Crown Cove Aquatic Center in Coronado.

Faculty and staff at Southwestern College have earned an outstanding reputation. Faculty possess substantial academic and professional backgrounds. Whether they are writing books, composing music, or digging for the archaeological remains of ancient civilizations, Southwestern College faculty members distinguish themselves among college educators. Faculty are appreciated by their students because they are excellent teachers, are accessible, and are committed to student success.