Administrators, Directors, and Supervisors

Guillermo (Bill) Abasolo
Dean of Institutional Research & Planning

Claudia Acosta
Manager, Food Services

Areli Albarran
Supervisor, Financial Aid
B.A. Political Science

Richard Allen
Supervisor, Custodial Services

Aurora Ayala
Director, Facilities, Operations and Planning
B.A. Business Administration

Estifanos (Steven) Baissa
Dean, Counseling & Student Support Programs
M.A. Sacramento State University

Marco Bareno
Chief Safety Officer
A.S. Southwestern College

Zeidy Barrera
Director, Student Support Programs

Patricia Bartow
Director, Center Operations
B.A. Behavioral Science

Mark Butland
Dean, Language and Literature
B.A. History
B.A., M.A. Communication Studies
Ed.D. Community College Leadership

Isabel Carrasco
Director, Child Development Center
M.A. Human Behavior

Maricela "Chela" Cholula
Director of Human Resources, Recruitment & Talent Management
B.A. Political Science/Public Law

Nickolas Comer
Manager, Institutional Technology Operations
B.S. Business Administration (Information Systems)

Silvia Cornejo
Dean, Higher Education Center, Otay Mesa and San Ysidro
B.A. Communication Studies and Sociology
M.A. Leadership Studies

Guadalupe Corona
Director, Student Equity Programs and Services
M.A., Ed.D. Leadership Studies

Octavio Cruz
Dean, Enrollment Services
B.A. Liberal Studies: Math
M.A. Education

Michael Davis
Director, Institutional Technology
A.S. Rio Salado College
B.S., M.S. Arizona State University

Christine Degano
Supervisor, Center Operations
B.S. Foods and Nutrition
M.A. Education

Rizza Dela Cuadra
Director, Financial Services
B.S. Commerce-Accounting
M.B.A. Business Administration

Desiree Dolores
Supervisor, Wellness & Aquatics Complex
M.A. Education

Brian Ebalo
Supervisor, Academic Services
A.A. Transfer Studies
B.A Liberal Arts and Social Science
Mastet of Public Administration

Zaneta Encarnacion
Special Assistant to the Superintendent/ President
B.S. University of Phoenix
M.A. National University

David Espiritu
Program Director, Police Academy
A.S. Administration of Justice
B.S. Criminal Justice Administration
M.A. Management

Rachel Fischer
Assistant Superintendent/Vice President Student Affairs
B.A. Economics
B.A. Russian
M.Ed. Education

Daniel Fitzgerald
Regional Director, Small Business Development Center Network
B.A. History
M.A. Speech Communication

Kim Frost
Director, Payroll Services
B.S. Business Management

Thomas Gang
Dean, School of Wellness, Exercise Science and Athletics
B.S., M.S. Phyical Education

Gilberto Garcia
Manager, Bookstore
B.A. Latin America and Latino Studies

Benjamin Gess
Sergeant, College Police & Safety
A.A. Business Adminstration
A.A. Administration of Justice

Samantha Girard
Senior Program Director, Nursing & Health Occupations
B.S. San Diego State University
M.S. University of Washington
Ph.D. Washington State University

Michele Haggar
Director, Career and Transfer Connections
B.A. English
M.A. English (Literature)
M.A. Education (Educational Administration)

Ronnie Hands
Dean, Student Engagement and Completion
B.A. Sociology
M.B.A. Business Administration

Andre Harris
Supervisor, Center Operations
A.A. Southwestern College

Linda Hernandez
Director, Procurement, Central Services & Risk Management
A.A. Southwestern College
B.S. University of Phoenix

Brett Housholder
Project Senior Procurement Advisor
B.S. Marketing
M.B.A. Business Administration

Jason Hums
Program Director, Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic
A.A.S. Emergency Medical Technologies/Paramedic
B.S. Biology
B.S. Nursing
MS. Public Health

Patrice (Lorraine) Hutchinson
Program Director, Fire Science
A.S. Miramar College
B.S. National University

Katty Ibarra- Garcia
Director, Women's Business Center
B.A. Graphic Design

Marquise Jackson
Director, Campus Enterprise Services
M.S. Business Administration

Melinda Lara
Director, Disability Support Services
B.A. Liberal Arts
M.A. Education
M.B.A. Business Administration

Jennifer Lewis
Dean, School of Applied Technology and Hospitality Management
B.A. Physical Education (Athletic Training)
M.S. Physical Education

Dina Marinescu
Supervisor, Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS) & Special Populations
B.A. Electronic Media

Antonio Martin
Supervisor, Center Operations
B.A. Economics

Benjamin Martinez
Manager, Grounds

Mia McClellan
Dean, Instructional Support Services
AA. Transfer Studies
B.A. Public Adminstration

Cynthia McGregor
Dean, School of Arts, Communication, Design and Media
B.M. Performance
M.M. Wind and Percussion Instruments and Music Theory
Ph.D. Music Theory

Mourad Mjahed
Director, Mathematics, Engineering, & Science Achievement (MESA) Program
Ph.D. Anthropology

Ursula Morris Williams
Supervisor, Admissions & Records
B.S. Business Administration

Silvia Nadalet
Dean, School of Mathematics, Science and Engineering
B.S. Business Administration (Finance)
M.A. Mathematics

Brandon Napoli
Director, Small Business Developmen Center
B.A. International Development Studies

Yolanda Ochoa
Supervisor, Cashier Services
A.A. General Studies

Omar Orihuela
Director, Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS) & Special Populations
B.S. Organizational Leadership
M.A. Education

Jocelyn Pacheco-Fonseca
Director, Outreach & Dual Enrollment
B.A. Sociology
M.A., Ph.D. Education

Christine Perri
Dean, Higher Education Center, National City and Crowne Cove Aquatics
M.A. Professional Program in Health

Joel Pilco
Director of Bi-National and International Programs
A.A. Business Administration
B.S., M.A. International Business Administration
Ed.D. Educational Leadership and Management

Fernando Poveda
Director, Crown Cove Aquatic Center
B.A. University of California, Irvine
M.Ed. Azusa Pacific University

Deanna Reinacher
Program Director, Medical Laboratory Technician and Medical Office Professional
B.S. Computer Science Technology
B.S. Medical Technology
M.Ed. Human Resource Education

Angela Riggs
Acting Assistant Superintendent/Vice President for Human Resources
B.A. Global Studies

Sofia Robitaille
Executive Director, Foundation
B.A. Communication

Mike Sabellico
Regional Director, Procurement Technical Assistance Center
B.S. Political Science

Isabelle Saber
Assistant Superintendent/Vice President, Academic Affairs
M.S. Organizational Leadership

Alejandra Seidel
Director of Completion Programs
M.S. Human Resources Management

Mink Stavenga
Dean, School of Business
B.S. Computer Science

Ricardo Suarez
Sergeant, College Police & Safety
A.A. Adminstration of Justice

Gay Teel
Program Director, Dental Hygiene
A.S. Cerritos College
B.S., M.A. California State University, Long Beach

Patricia Torres
Supervisor, Library Services
B.A. University of California, San Diego
M.L.S. Texas Woman's University

Briana Weisinger
Associate Regional Director, Small Business Development Center
B.A. Political Science
M.A. International Relations
M.B.A. Global Management

Janelle Williams-Melendrez
Executive Officer of Equity and Engagement
B.A. Economics/Mathematics
M.S. Counseling

Suzanne Woods
Director, Financial Aid & Veterans Services
A.A. General Studies
B.S., M.S. Business Administration