Discipline List

Code Discipline
ACCT Accounting
AJ Criminal Justice
AERO Aeronautics
AFRO African-American Studies
ASL American Sign Language
ANTH Anthropology
ARCH Architecture
ASIA Asian-American Studies
ADN Associate Degree Nursing
ASTR Astronomy
AT Automotive Technology
BIOL Biology
BUS Business
CNA Certified Nursing Assistant
CHEM Chemistry
CD Family Studies
CHIN Chinese
COMM Communication
CAD Computer Aided Design and Drafting
CIS Computer Information Systems
CL Computer Literacy
CI Construction Inspection
CA Culinary Arts
DANC Dance
DH Dental Hygiene
ECON Economics
ED Education
ELEC Electronics
EMT Emergency Medical Technology
EMTP Emergency Medical Technology and Paramedic
ENGR Engineering
ENGL English
ESL English as a Second Language
ESL Inglés Como Segunda Lengua
EHMT Environmental Hazardous Materials Technology
EVNT Event and Convention Planning
ES/A Exercise Science/Activity
ES/I Exercise Science/Intercollegiate
ES/S Exercise Science/Specialized
ES/T Exercise Science/Theory
FARS Farsi
FIL Filipino
FS Fire Science Technology
FTMA Film, Television and Media Arts
FREN French
GEOG Geography
GEOL Geology
HLTH Health
HIST History
HTM Hospitality and Tourism Management
HUM Humanities
INS Insurance
ITAL Italian
JPN Japanese
JOUR Journalism
LNT Landscape and Nursery Technology
LA Landscape Architecture
LDR Leadership
LS Learning Skills
LEGL Legal
LIB Library
MATH Mathematics
MLT Medical Laboratory Technician
MEDOP Medical Office Professional
MAS Mexican-American Studies
MUS Music
NAIS Native American & Indigenous Studies
NC Noncredit
ORN Operating Room Nurse
PD Personal Development
PHIL Philosophy
PHS Physical Science
PHYS Physics
PS Political Science
PORT Portuguese
PSYC Psychology
RDG Reading
RE Real Estate
RA&T Recording Arts & Technology
REC Recreation and Leisure Studies
SWHS Social Work and Human Services
SOC Sociology
SPAN Spanish
ST Surgical Technology
SES Sustainable Energy Studies
TA Theatre Arts
T&T Travel and Tourism
VN Vocational Nursing