Student Rights

If admitted to Southwestern Community College District in accordance with District admission policies (Education Code Section 76000), a student can exercise the following rights pursuant to Title 5, Sections 55521, 55530, 55534, 58106:

  • Enrollment in any course for which the student can meet necessary and valid prerequisites and corequisites that have been established pursuant to Title 5, Section 58106.
  • Access to clear and consistent information describing student rights and responsibilities available in college publications and documents such as catalog, schedule, and student educational plan.
  • Participation in an efficient matriculation process that encourages student access to college programs.
  • Maintaining enrollment status in a course after the beginning of the semester. The student may withdraw voluntarily or can be dropped from the course against his/her will if he/she fails to comply with District attendance policy. A student who does not meet the mandatory prerequisite or corequisite may be dropped from a course. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the College to ensure that students are informed about mandatory prerequisites and corequisites and that prerequisites and corequisites are enforced in a timely and efficient manner. (Title 5, Section 55758)

A student may petition for waiver or appeal if he feels that placement, orientation, counseling, prerequisites, corequisites, or any other matriculation procedures are being applied in a discriminatory manner. Where a student believes an injustice is being done, the student may seek redress through established grievance policy and procedure.