College Learning Communities

Southwestern College is committed to your educational success. We know that some students are more successful when they participate in a community of learners. We have developed specialized programming just for your needs.

Learning communities are linked courses that use common themes, readings, and assignments. These classes meet a variety of requirements for a degree or for graduation while promoting learning in a friendly, supportive environment that encourages success and better teacher-student relationships. Learning community courses not only offer opportunities for greater academic success, they also provide more student-teacher and student-student interaction. Students who have completed such courses have developed lasting friendships with other students from their learning community cohort.

For more information on Southwestern College Learning Communities, contact the Counseling Center at (619) 482-6317.

Bayan Learning Community

The word Bayan implies a place where one feels welcome in the Filipino language. This community provides a scholarly home for students to explore Filipino-American issues. Bayan scholars will learn life and college skills to help them transition from Southwestern College to a four-year university or college. For more information, contact the Counseling Center at (619) 482-6317.

PAIR—A Basic Skills Initiative Program

Preparation, Achievement, Interdependence, and Responsibility is a learning community designed to assist students in developing essential skills for college and work force success. PAIR is available each semester and students enroll in a Learning Skills Course and either a mathematics, reading, or writing course to complete the learning community coursework. Each student receives tutorial support and ongoing counseling support. The classes focus upon skills that assist you in building a foundation for college study. For more information call the Counseling Center at (619) 482-6317.

Puente Program

The mission of the Puente Program is to increase the number of educationally underrepresented students who enroll in four-year colleges and universities, earn degrees, and return to the community as leaders and mentors of future generations. Puente students commit to two consecutive semesters of English instruction, academic counseling, and mentoring. Classroom instruction features Mexican-American/Latino literature and opportunities for self-exploration. For more information, call the Counseling Center at (619) 421-6700 Ext. 5240.


The TELA Program is a learning community designed to assist students in their goal of university transfer while focusing on an African American experience in a supportive environment. Students enroll in linked courses for one academic year. During the fall semester, students enroll in English 114 (ENGL 114) and Personal Development 116 (PD 116). In the spring semester, students will take ENGL 115 and PD 114. Students also participate in extracurricular activities throughout the year. For more information, contact the Counseling Center at (619) 421-6700 Ext. 5240.