Disability Support Services

Phone: (619) 482-6512
Email: dss@swccd.edu

Southwestern College provides programs and services that promote access for students with disabilities to all campus, academic, and vocational activities. The goal of the program is to support the student’s educational goals.

Disability Support Services works with students in an interactive process to identify academic accommodations, such as note takers and sign language interpreters. DSS also offer services, such as educational planning, counseling, specialized assessment for learning disabilities, specialized assessment for speech and language disabilities, hearing screening, test proctoring, liaison with campus personnel, and other disability services based on students’ needs.

Once a disability is verified, students with disabilities who are authorized for academic accommodations by Disability Support Services should discuss options with their instructors during the first two weeks of classes. Assistance with accommodations can also be obtained from the 504 Compliance Officer/Dean of Student Services.

Disability Support Services also offers classes in adaptive computers and basic academic skills for students with verified disabilities. Exercise Science Specialized classes (ES/S), including individualized fitness, sports activities, and aquatics, are offered through the Wellness, Exercise Science and Athletics department.

Disability Support Services operates a High Tech Center which includes computer instruction, training with assistive technology, specialized hardware and software, and open laboratory hours.

Interested students can obtain more information about these programs and services and start their application process by contacting the Disability Support Services Office located in the Cesar E. Chavez Student Services Building, by telephone (619) 482-6512 or VP (619) 207-4480 or email dss@swccd.edu for an appointment, or visit the DSS website .