Assessment Center


Phone: (619) 482-6385

Appropriate and accurate placement improves students’ chances for success.

The Southwestern College Assessment Center provides comprehensive and timely placements for students in English, reading, mathematics, and English as a Second Language course sequences. You can get up to date information about how to get your placements at on the Assessment Center website.

The Center also provides Prerequisite services for students looking to use coursework from other colleges and universities to satisfy requisites for courses at Southwestern College. You can get current information about how you can satisfy course and program requirements on the Prerequisites website.

Highly qualified and trained staff ensure that students receive appropriate placements, help students to understand their course placements, and evaluate coursework from other colleges and universities for satisfaction of requisite skill.

Students coming from US high schools will be placed into transfer-level or college-level courses that can help them achieve their goals.. Assessment Center staff are here to assist students in understanding those placements and ensuring that placements are accurate.

The Assessment Center also provides Guided Placement services in the Center’s Assessment Lab and remotely for students who are educated outside the United States, have a high school equivalency, or have other situations that do not allow for a placement using high school course and grade information.

Individualized accommodations are provided to meet the needs of students with disabilities upon request from Disability Support Services.

All students should receive a comprehensive report summarizing their placement results and information about next steps via email or in person on completion of placement processes.

Placement recommendations and existing prerequisite approvals can be viewed in the student's online Academic Profile.