Physical Science

School of Mathematics, Science, and Engineering

Dean: Silvia Nadalet, Ed.D.

Department Chair: Grant Miller, M.S.

Office: 60-125, (619) 482-6344

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General Description

The physical science program is an interdisciplinary approach to the study of science that stresses the interrelationship of chemistry and physics, as well as geology, biology, astronomy, earth science, and mathematics. Learning in this department offers a broad academic background and facility in analytic thinking requisite for advanced study in any of the sciences while providing a greater diversity of knowledge than is possible with study in a single science.

Career Options

The usual career goal of the physical science major is to become a teacher in high school. Upon completion of the bachelor’s degree in physical science and other requirements for a single subject credential, graduates will be able to teach the following subjects in California high schools: chemistry, general science, physics, and physical science. Jobs for physical science teachers are becoming more plentiful with an increasing need for instructors in high school during the next ten years. Minority students or those proficient in Spanish are particularly in demand.

Degree/Certificate Options Major Code
Associate in Science Degree: Transfer Preparation
Physical Science 01670

Consult with a counselor to develop a Student Education Plan (SEP), which lists the courses necessary to achieve your academic goal.


Hok Lee, Ph.D.

Grant Miller, M.S.

Jeffrey Veal, Ph.D.