Baja California Studies

School of Mathematics, Science, and Engineering

Dean: Silvia Nadalet, Ed.D.

Department Chair: Shaunte Griffith-Jackson Ph.D.

Office: 60-126 (619) 482-6344

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General Description

The Baja California Studies certificate allows students to develop a concentration of study devoted to Baja California that complements any major. The certificate is based on interdisciplinary courses that focus on Baja California. It is not a major but provides students a list of courses that help fulfill general education requirements in various disciplines while focusing intensively on Baja California. Students develop a keen appreciation of the rich connections between the arts, humanities, social life, and physical sciences.

Career Options

The Baja California Studies certificate complements any major; therefore, it is an asset to those who seek employment opportunities in a variety of fields. It prepares recipients to assume leadership roles in the complex educational, environmental, civic, and health issues facing Baja California and the border region. In addition to expanding employment opportunities, it prepares students to transfer to a four-year degree institution to continue interdisciplinary, Mexican-American, or Latin American studies.

Degree/Certificate Options Major Code
Certificate of Proficiency
Baja California Studies 02891

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Heather Eudy, M.F.A.

Rebecca Wolniewicz, Ph.D.

Ken Yanow, M.A.