Counseling and Student Success Programs

Phone: (619) 421-6700 ext. 5240

The Counseling Center, part of the School of Counseling and Student Success Programs, offers academic advisement and individual counseling to all students. Professional counselors are prepared to answer inquiries or talk with students about their academic performance, choice of career, personal goals, and transfer opportunities to other colleges and/or universities. Counselors assist students with the development of the comprehensive Student Educational Plan during a counseling appointment or online. Online Student Educational Planning Services are provided on the College’s website.

Students may request assistance in improving their study skills, understanding their interests, assessing their abilities, and/or exploring short-term and long-range goals. Students encountering personal problems that affect their ability to study may schedule appointments to meet with marriage and family therapist interns or the college psychologist for personal counseling. All communication between student and counselor is considered confidential.

Appointments should be scheduled with a counselor to discuss the student’s goals and develop the plan after admission to the College.