Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Science

School of Mathematics, Science, and Engineering

Dean: Michael Odu, Ph.D.

Department Chair: Jeff Veal, Ph.D.

Office: 215A, (619) 482-6344

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General Description

The chemical industry is diverse, vast, and touches nearly every aspect of our lives on a daily basis. Pharmaceutical and laboratory science is a discipline in which chemical principles are applied to solve problems or produce materials in a wide range of fields in the areas of high-technology, consumer products, and healthcare. An education in pharmaceutical and laboratory science provides the skills and knowledge essential to carry out the tasks necessary to push forward the progress of the multi-billion dollar chemical industry, including hands-on experience with state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation, small molecule synthesis, computational methods, and protein electrophoresis and purification.

Career Options

The San Diego region is home to one of the highest concentrations of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other chemistry-based industries in the United States. An ever-increasing demand for skilled chemical technicians exists in the local job market. Graduates of the program will have gained the knowledge and skills necessary to perform many of the key laboratory tasks undertaken in a variety of industrial settings where research and development and/or manufacturing take place. Chemical technicians provide valuable support in companies involved in drug discovery, environmental and forensics analyses, development of new materials, petroleum refining, and the manufacturing of plastics, electronic materials, textiles, paints, foods and beverages, and cosmetics, among many others.

Degree/Certificate Options Major Code
Associate in Science Degree: Career/Technical
Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Science A1532
Certificate of Achievement
Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Science A1533

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David Brown, Ph.D.

David Hecht, Ph.D.

Tinh-Alfredo Khuong, Ph.D.

Joann Um, Ph.D.