Legal Office Professional

Associate in Science
Career/Technical (Major Code: B2155)

Prepares students to work in a legal office. Emphasizes a comprehensive program of study regarding the court system, legal terminology, and the preparation of legal documents.

Program Student Learning Outcome Statement

  • Student will work in a legal office setting interacting with supervisors, co-workers, and the public in a variety of ways, including receiving, clarifying, and providing information and direction.
  • Student will solve problems posed within the legal office environment by assessing information, including identifying issues, identifying complaints, comparing prices, comparing office systems and software, contacting legal professionals, etc., to determine the best solution/s.
Program Requirements
Specialty Certificates
Select one of the following:32.5-34.5
Total Units38.5-40.5

Note: Certificate of achievement or A.S. degree stating a legal specialty will be granted upon the completion of all requirements plus completion of one of the legal specialties listed above.

To earn an associate degree, additional general education and graduation requirements must be completed.