Event and Convention Planning

School of Business and Technology

Dean: Mink Stavenga, DBA

Department Chair: Elisabeth Shapiro, Esq., J.D., M.A.L.D

Office: 470K, (619) 482-6582

General Description

Hospitality and tourism is a dynamic and growing industry in San Diego County. The industry has many facets, one of which is the area of event and convention planning. Individuals who work in this field coordinate events, both small and large, and are in charge of bringing together the detailed aspects of the event such as food or catering, event theme, travel, and entertainment in coordination with the hotels, convention centers, or other special locations.

The hospitality industry offers individuals great potential for growth and excellent wages. People may enter the field with basic education and training skills such as those provided by the School of Business, Professional & Technical Education in our basic and advanced certificate programs.

In addition to these career training programs, a transfer program, Hospitality and Tourism Management, has been developed for persons who desire to transfer to a four-year institution including San Diego State University or at the local level, as well as other institutions at the state and national levels. Transfer students can work toward a bachelor’s degree in hospitality and tourism, which is often required for top-level or high executive positions.

Career Options

Below is a sample of the career options available for event and convention planning majors. In addition to employment as event and convention planners, students will be provided with a foundation that will allow them to prepare for careers ranging from entry-level assistants to experienced event planners and managers for major hotels or organizations. Related job titles include meeting planner, wedding planner/coordinator, event marketer, corporate project manager, convention center director, and director of hospitality. Employment exists in hotels, hotel/motel chains, convention centers, casinos, lodges, recreation facilities, food service entities, travel and tourism businesses, cruise ships, and hospitality marketing organizations. Many opportunities also exist for those individuals who wish to become entrepreneurs in the industry and manage their own businesses.

Degree/Certificate Options Major Code
Certificate of Proficiency
Event and Convention Planning---Basic 02966
Certificate of Achievement
Event and Convention Planning-Advanced 02967

Consult with a counselor to develop a Student Education Plan (SEP), which lists the courses necessary to achieve your academic goal.


Study small business management. Earn a Certificate that combines your education discipline with Entrepreneurship courses. For more information see Business Management - Entrepreneurship Education.


Laura Gershuni, M.B.A.

EVNT 154



Pass/No Pass or Grade is Allowed

Recommended Preparation: CL 120 or equivalent.

Lecture 3 hours

Offered: ALL

Provides students with a basic knowledge of conventions, conferences, and special event planning for the dynamic field of hospitality and tourism. [D; CSU]

EVNT 155



Pass/No Pass or Grade is Allowed

Recommended Preparation: BUS 70, 129, or CL 120, or equivalent.

Lecture 3 hours

Offered: ALL

Provides students with fundamental knowledge of marketing events, festivals, conventions, and expositions. Emphasizes how to build a strong client database in the highly competitive and dynamic field of hospitality and tourism. [D; CSU]

EVNT 157



Pass/No Pass or Grade is Allowed

Recommended Preparation: BUS 70 and 240, or equivalent; RDG 158 or the equivalent skill level as determined by the Southwestern College Reading Assessment or equivalent.

Lecture 2 hours, laboratory 2 hours

Offered: ALL

Provides students with fundamental knowledge of the process of corporate event project management. [D; CSU]