Business Management: Web Designer Emphasis

Certificate of Proficiency
Career/Technical (Major Code: 02339)

Prepares students for self-employment and work in small businesses in any industry that relies on websites for marketing. Builds on their industry education in web design and usability. Expands their education in entrepreneurship and small business management. Contributes to the student’s financial independence, career success, and the world’s economy. Prepares them for business ownership and key roles in web design or maintenance positions.

Program Student Learning Outcome Statement

  • Students will be able to professionally communicate their business ideas and values to the appropriate business audience.
  • Students will be able to examine diverse populations and understand how businesses respond to the different populations with customized business strategies.
  • Students will be able to develop and implement a business plan by conducting research in the appropriate specialty area and identify the target market, competition, industry standards, and financial projections.
Program Requirements
Complete the Common Core courses for Entrepreneur Education:9
Entrepreneurship Education
Total Units17