Military Experience Credit

Basic Training or Recruit Training

Four units of credit are awarded to all active-duty students and service veterans who have attained at least six months active-duty status with an honorable discharge. Additional credit may be granted according to the recommendations of the American Council on Education (ACE) Guide to Military Credit for students pursuing certain majors.

  • The remaining two units will be applied toward elective credit.
  • Air Force veterans will be awarded credit based on the transcripts of the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF).

Credit will be awarded for lower-division baccalaureate, associate degree, and upper-division baccalaureate recommended courses with the following conditions:

  • Member copy of DD-214 or a DD-295 must be on file with Admissions.
  • Student must petition the Veterans Office for credit.
  • Appropriate school deans must approve course equivalency when credit is sought for specific military coursework beyond basic training.
  • If military coursework does not match with specific college coursework, the military credits will be listed as electives.

Credit may also be awarded based on recommendations provided on a Community College of the Air Force transcript (CCAF), and/or the Army and American Council on Education Registry Transcript (AARTS), and/or the Sailor/Marines American Consul on Education Registry Transcript (SMART). (See exception below for Military Occupation Specialty coursework.)

Southwestern College conducts an evaluation of all previous education and training of the veteran or eligible person, shortens the duration of the training course (or degree program), and notifies the veteran and the DVA accordingly (AP5013—Students in the Military).


  • Credit will not automatically be awarded for Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) or Navy Enlisted Classifications (NEC).
  • A veteran or active-duty student may petition for individual review. Waiver or credit by examination procedures are available methods for granting credit in these cases.
  • Student must submit a petition for Military Credit prior to submitting a Graduation Petition if they wish to use these units towards graduation.