Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE)

Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) allows students with declared majors to earn up to 16 units of college credit by engaging in an internship program (either paid or unpaid) related to their major. CWEE uses the entire community as the laboratory, allowing students to apply theoretical information learned in the classroom to a practical environment. It enables students to compare their career goals and expectations with specific career requirements and to learn from professional and technical experts working in their career field (Title 5 Section 55254).

To be eligible for CWEE, you must:

  • Have concurrent enrollment in one other major-related course and have successfully completed one to two major-related courses to qualify for a CWEE class for fall and spring semesters, or summer session.
  • Have a declared major.
  • Work in either a paid or unpaid position related to your major.
  • Develop job performance objectives each semester of participation.
  • Enroll in the class during the regular college registration period.

This further requires that you meet the following criteria for CWEE:

  • Your planned program of CWEE must, in the assessment of your departmental instructor/agency representative, include new or expanded responsibilities or learning opportunities beyond those experienced during previous employment/internship.
  • Your CWEE program must have on-the-job learning experiences that contribute to your occupational or education goals.
  • Your CWEE experience must have the approval of your instructor/agency representative.
  • If you are self-employed, you must identify a person who is approved by your instructor to serve as the designated employer representative. This person must agree in writing to accept responsibility for assisting you to identify new or expanded on-the-job learning objectives, for assisting in the evaluation of these objectives, and for validating the hours you worked.

CWEE requires a minimum of 60 hours unpaid or 75 hours paid work experience per each unit earned. Students can enroll in up to four (4) units each semester for a total of 16 elective units overall. For further information or enrollment procedures, contact the Student Employment Services, Bldg. 1400 Room S208 or (619) 482-6356. 

Auditing Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE)

Students may audit the CWEE courses after completing the 16-unit level. Students interested in further information about Work Experience should contact the Student Employment Services, Bldg. 1400 Room S208 or (619) 482-6356.